When buying any medical device, there are a lot of questions, trepidation, and hesitation. I have been burned by expensive devices that not only do not work, but support, training, and customer service are lacking or non-existent.

Working with Kent and Candela has been a breath of fresh air in the medical device field. The customer experience is exceeded by a device that delivers on its promise. Kent has been professional, patient, and courteous throughout the entire buying process, and beyond that, has gone out of his way after the sale to assure we are trained and comfortable with the treatments. He often calls or stops in to make sure we have everything we need to deliver our promise to our customers, long after the sale has been completed.

Our business model at JamesAllenRossMD, PLLC and Willow Medspa and Salon focuses entirely on patient experience, and great results. I have come to expect that when I am the customer as well. As a customer of Candela and Kent Harshbarger, that level of experience and results has been met entirely. I highly recommend Kent and Candela without any reservation.

James A Ross, MD

JamesAllenRossMD, PLLC
Willow MedSpa and Salon

My name is Jennifer Torres and I have been in the medical aesthetics business for over 15 years. In this time, I have personally worked with many different laser companies and even more laser reps. I had the pleasure to begin working with Kent Harshbarger several years ago. In my experience, Kent is the most efficient and responsive rep I have ever worked with. Any time our office contacts Kent, he makes it a priority to listen to our concerns and addresses how to correct them immediately. His knowledge and passion for Candela’s technology is both extensive and refreshing.

It is truly an honor and a pleasure to work alongside someone as dedicated to his trade as Kent Harshbarger.

Jennifer Torres

Medical aesthetics business owner

We came to work with Kent Harshbarger this year on an equipment purchase; we are happy to provide the following with regard to our experience.

Ours is an established dermatology practice in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. Since opening our doors, we have worked to respond to increases in both the magnitude and nature of the demand for services. This year we sought to expand offerings for patients interested in cosmetic services with the addition of a CO2 laser.

Choosing a laser can be an arduous, if not confusing, task. For this reason, it was imperative for us to work with a representative we could trust, someone who would serve as a resource and be responsive to our questions or concerns without being pushy. Kent was this person. He worked with us to consider our current offerings, as well as our current and future needs, to ensure we made an informed decision.

Not only did he assist us in making a selection, Kent also shepherded us through the purchase process and coordinated training for our staff. Even now, he continues to be a resource for us, responding quickly to questions or other requests. In every interaction, Kenthas been nothing short of helpful and professional…ever. It has truly been our pleasure to work with him.

Naomi Simon & Scott Paviol, MD

Piedmont Health Care
Mooresville Dermatology Center